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Google Voice

Set up my Google Voice account yesterday. For the uninitiated, Google Voice is a new offering from Google, and, I am convinced, another part of Google’s plan for world domination. I am pretty sure at some point we are all going to get emails from Google telling us:
”Hello! In an effort to continue to “not be mean” we just thought we should tell you that we make “x” dollars each month off the ads people see when they search for any information that is linked to you. So, in an effort to keep that thing you did in the third grade “just between us”, kindly send us “y” dollars a month. We are going to have to replace that ad revenue after all.”
But until that day happens, with Google Voice, you hand out a new phone number, and set it up to ring any one of a number of phones. Your current house, cell, business, etc. This way, no matter where you are, people can find you. No more “He’s not home, I’ll try his cell.” There are several other features related to call screening and call routing. For me, if I am available, I answer the phone. I don’t really need my mom announcing who she is before I will take her call.
However,  I did find a great use use for GV:
GV voicemail is awesome! Someone leaves a voice message, it transcribes it and sends you a text, email or both. By tweaking the settings in GV and setting my phone’s forwarding options I now bypass the whole “logging in to check messages, listening to someone ramble for three minutes, hoping they actually left their number”. Someone leaves a message, I scan the email, decide I want to call them back and just tap the number located within the message. I thought this was a “nice to have” feature until I used it. This alone makes it worth the cost.
Cost? I thought it was free. Sort of, now Google gets to see my voice mails as well as my email. Thank God I live a boring life……

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