The Greatest Commandment for an Employee

Probably going to get yelled at by the Blasphemy Police on this one. I could argue my case, but I won’t.

Jesus was asked “In all the law, what is the most important commandment?” Jesus’ answer was “Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.” Then He said “The second one is like it “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

People ask, “How can I succeed in work/business?” The same principle applies.

The first and greatest commandment is this: “Add value to the brand”.
The second is like unto it “Make the corporation money”.

On this rests all the laws of the Marketing and HR departments.

Truth be told, just like that incident 2000 years ago, it really is that simple. You can’t do one without the other and they both have to come from a genuine place in your heart.

“But what if I work for a church?”

Seems to me like whenever anyone asked Jesus a follow-up question, the real question they asked was “How can I do an end-run without following what you just said?”

Add value to the brand.
Make the corporation money (or, if you must, in the church world, steward the resources well).

Or, again to paraphrase Jesus “Don’t think about yourself all the time. Think about others and how you can serve them.”


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