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Shameless Plug Friday – 8-28-09

Yep. Been a while since I’ve posted a Shameless Plug. That isn’t to say that there hasn’t been some folks who deserved a shout out. I’ve just been a little preoccupied.
Also, there is one company who I have really been holding out on. I REALLY want to add them to the Shameless Plug list, but so far, no luck. (Hint: they make phone equipment and their initials are AVAYA). Keep watch because I am SURE they will do the right thing. Eventually.

So, without further adieu:

  1. Derek Berg, Scott Goodger and Dave Waters. This year’s planners, organizers, and general captains of industry for the Fall FL.CITRT. aka FL.CITRT 2009 ver. 2.0. All the details can be found at FL.CITRT.ORG as well as Derek’s blog, Scott’s blog and Dave’s blog….when they get a chance to post to them. It promises to be better, faster, and more stable than FL.CITRT 2009 ver. 1.0.
  2. Reading. As in a book. Made of paper. So far this year I have read more books than any previous year. I think I am at six or seven. Check out my book review page (not all the books qualify for a review). More coming soon. Next up: Max Lucado.
  3. Anyone involved in small group ministry. One of the guys in my men’s group has a schedule change and will not be able to make it until after the first of the year. He suggested we record our weekly study so he could listen to it later. I responded “I don’t think we have anything worth taping.” I was soundly rebuked by the group as a whole.
    Think small groups don’t make a difference in people’s lives? Think again.
  4. Speaking of Men’s Groups. Honor Guard at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens. This has the potential to change men’s ministries as we know them. Follow the CF Men’s page for details or contact them directly.

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