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ACS 1, Google 0

ACS 1, Google 0A few months back I wrote this post on the ACS/Outlook plugin that pulls your member data and calendar events into Outlook. There’s also this video on how an event goes from inception in AccessACS to someone’s Outlook calendar and phone.

If you were wondering if the plugin works with Outlook 2010 (beta), the answer is “yes”. (I know, it’s just a series of API calls, it should continue to work.) The only hitch in the git-a-long so far is Outlook does not seem to maintain login id creds. when you close it. Next time you open Outlook, you will need to enter your username and password into the add-in section.

Too bad Google‘s calendar synch returns the “only works with Outlook 2003 or 2007” error.  Totally kills the last step in the process for me…

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