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Put that calendar in an iFrame

If you are user of ACS’ Facility Scheduler and AccessACS, you get a handy little calendar link that lets you publish calendars to your website. (You can also Broadcast your published events live to digital signage. More on that from Jason Lee here.)

The only problem is, if someone is on your website and they click your calendar link, they see this in calendar form, or or this in table form. Click and event, go ahead. Boring. Now, granted, if you go to any Monday and hit L.I.F.E. Ministries you can see what happens when you drop a little HTML in the event description (note to self: get that task caught up for other events). Still, the calendar display itself is kind of boring.

The obvious easy fix is to drop that into an iframe. Our calendar page now looks like this. Thanks to my buddy Matt Irvine for allowing me to rip this idea off. (don’t mind the gray, colors are totally customiizable).
 Also, if you have multiple calendars like we do, and for some reason want to combine them for display on some pages, but not others, you can edit the links provided through AccessACS. Suppose you want a calendar that displays Youth and Children Events, but not Adult. Tweak the link. You’d be surprised what you can do with “&amp”

Next stop: Displaying events based on “next seven days” or “next 30 days” instead of the current month starting on the first.

Put that calendar in an iframe.

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