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Sharing notebooks in OneNote 2010

OneNote 2010 If you have been experimenting with MS Office 2010, one of the features you have probably noticed is the ability to “share” a document or PPTX presentation via SkyDrive. Makes it handy if you are starting a doc at work and are going to finish it at home, etc. Also, if you save it to a public folder on your Skydrive, you can pass out access to that folder and others can collaborate accordingly.
Unfortunately, this handy little feature is not available in OneNote yet. That will be great for managing projects. Especially if you happen to work on a given project across multiple machines – desktop at work, laptop at home or on the road, etc.
Too bad it won’t be available until the full release later this year…..
Unless, it seems, you are running Windows 7 and have your OneNote notebooks indexed to Live Mesh. Then, you can email a link that looks like this:
Anyone with the proper Windows Live credentials (ie: you at work) can open the link and the notebook is added alongside the others. All changes will be synched immediately as a default, however you can also change that.
Another potential solution is to map a drive letter to your SkyDrive (I use and change the Notebook location to that drive. If you map a drive letter on the new machine to that same SkyDrive, you should be able to open it there. I have not tried this yet though.

All in all, I am finding OneNote to be a handy tool for projects as well as study – and I don’t miss not being able to access it from my phone – there is too much going on with that thing as it is.

POST EDIT: After two days, OneNote began crashing w/3 seconds of opening. System Restore did not correct. Uninstalled Gladinet. System operating normally.
If you use OneNote, I would stay away from Gladinet for drive mapping of either SkyDrive or Google Docs.


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