Marginal Thoughts

OK, if that is what you want.

Exodus 32

In Exodus 4, Moses is contending with God that he is not qualified to speak to the people. He is convinced they will not listen to him. So God appoints Aaron to be the mouthpiece. This sets up a dangerous game of “telephone”. God tells Moses. Moses tells Aaron. Aaron tells the people. It seems to work out ok, but one must wonder…does this go to Aaron’s head? Does this relationship of being the spokesman to the people set something up in his heart that causes him to take himself too seriously? Does is cause him to value that standing among the people? Think it should be he, not Moses in charge?
When we flip over to chapter 32, we find Aaron saying and doing some weird things. First of all, the people come to him and ask him to do what he KNOWS is wrong. But he does it anyway. He seems to do it pretty quickly. It also says that he fashioned this calf with a tool. So work was involved. There was some intentional effort after the decision was made. He had to be thinking “this is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong…” and yet, he went ahead with it.
What is really interesting, is that he sets up a feast day and sacrifices on the altar of this new golden calf, but proclaims the day to be in honor of God. Not a false god, mind you. He proclaims the day in honor of Jehovah. Like he is trying to get God to approve what he just did. Even thought it was CLEARLY wrong. That is kind of weird. Worshipping an idol, but proclaiming it to be in honor of the one true God. We would NEVER do that…would we? Would we ever get impatient waiting for God’s direction? So impatient that we convince someone to do our bidding, in just the way we want them to, and then declare it to be “God’s will”? Maybe look for someone who is willing to tell us what we want to hear, in the way we want to hear it? Or do something that is outside of the God’s plan and then ask Him to bless it later?
The lesson here is, when God gives you something to say, say it. But just because you are His messenger once, or for a time, doesn’t mean He will rubber stamp everything you do or say. Especially when it is done to further your own standing among those around you.


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