Church IT


I was talking to a youth pastor friend of mine, and as usual, the talk turned to how frustrated we get with empty rituals and liturgies. I am sure I just offended someone, but for us, the drone of responsive readings seems to move Jesus right out of the room. They just become words people read without any meaning or “fire” behind them. We talked about how worship should be interactive, alive. How the rituals have taken the place of true worship. That the mindset is “If we just say the right things in the right order, we can mark our duty to God off our ‘to-do’ list.”
He mentioned he was at a conference and the speaker used an Amazon kindle for his sermon notes. This pastor would write his sermon, email it to himself, and then just scroll through it from the pulpit. No pages to turn, etc. He was just completely fascinated by it. Then he said something that was very telling. That he was so fascinated by the fact that this preacher was obviously referencing notes and passages somehow, but there were no papers being turned, and how he had to find out how he did it. In fact, it was so fascinating that this youth pastor couldn’t remember a thing about the message. Yikes.
Which begs the question, “Can technology become for us, like empty ritual?” where we think if we have the right video elements, the right multi-media, the right sound and band, we can say we “did church the way it is supposed to be done” and never reach people for Jesus?
Everything is just a bunch of tools to get the message out. But what happens when tools become our “treasure“?

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